Medical Power of Attorney

Medical Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows another person to act on your behalf. Acting under a Power of Attorney, the individual designated to act on your behalf is your agent.

One common use for Power of Attorney is to designate an agent to handle an individual’s medical decisions.

Purpose of a Medical Power of Attorney

A Medical Power of Attorney, or commonly known as Advance Healthcare Directive, designates an agent and an alternate agent to make medical decisions on your behalf.  The document can be tailored to suit an individual’s needs, including specifying end of life choices and preferences for certain procedures while still capable.

Medical Power of Attorney Requirements

There are a number of requirements for a Medical Power of Attorney to be considered valid.

  • You must be of legal age and mentally competent;
  • The Power of Attorney is notarized, or witnessed.

A  Medical Power of Attorney can be a versatile and powerful document, ensuring that your medical matters are handled in accordance with your wishes.  We are happy to provide you assistance in creating the best document to suit your needs.

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