Mobile Home Title Transfer

Mobile Home Title Transfer

Transferring title to a mobile home is a surprisingly complex process that varies widely from state to state. Some states treat mobile homes as real property, while others treat them more like vehicles. If title is getting transferred along with land, the process becomes even more complicated.

Where to Effect Transfer

The office responsible for title transfer of mobile homes will vary depending on the state. If your state treats mobile homes as real property, you may be required to visit the Department of Housing. If the mobile home is treated as a vehicle, title transfer is more likely to occur at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Common Required Paperwork

The process for title transfer for mobile homes will differ from state to state, and there may also be variations between counties, so be sure to familiarize yourself with requirements for your area. Documents that are likely to be required include:

  • Tax Certificate: Proof that property taxes have been paid on the mobile home may be required. This proof can generally be obtained at the local taxing authority.
  • Title Application: If your state requires a title application, it will need to be filled out and signed by the buyer and, in some cases, both parties.
  • Bill of Sale: This document will serve as proof that the buyer and seller have agreed on the sale of the mobile home. It will generally include the mobile home’s serial number or VIN, buyer and seller information, purchase price, purchase date, and signatures of buyers and sellers. Some states will require notarization of this document.
  • Lien Release: If the mobile home is subject to any outstanding liens, the seller must secure a lien release with proof of pay-off.
  • Warranty Deed: If your state is one of the handful that recognize mobile homes as real property, a warranty deed will be required to transfer title.

Given the complexity and regional variations of Mobile Home Title Transfer, it can become a daunting task. Contact us for support navigating the process.

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