Trademark Application

Trademark Application

A Trademark is any word, symbol, phrase, or design that identifies the source of goods.  Examples of trademarks include:

  • Brand names
  • Product names
  • Logos
  • Taglines

Why are Trademarks Applications Important?

Trademarks are valuable assets for any business.  First, they allow consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.  When consumers trust a particular brand, they only need to look for its Trademark to ensure they are purchasing products with qualities or features that they desire.  Second, trademarks increase businesses’ ability to leverage social media. A memorable logo is more likely to draw in consumers over social media. Finally, trademarks with significant goodwill are given an actual value on balance sheets and can appreciate over time.

Why Register?

Securing registration for a Trademark Application significantly increases your ability to protect your interests in your brands.  Federal registration provides the following benefits:

  • Evidence of Ownership: A federal trademark registration services as evidence of exclusive ownership of the trademark across the United States.
  • Notice: Registration provides nationwide notice of ownership as of the registration date
  • Deterrence: Once your mark is registered, it will appear in the federal trademark database. This serves a deterrence function for third parties considering adopting a similar mark.
  • Protection from Third-Party Registration: When third parties file trademark applications, the Trademark Office will search the database and cite confusingly similar marks as a bar to registration.  If a third party files a trademark application for a mark too close to yours, this process will ensure it does not secure registration.   
  • Litigation Benefits: You will be able to sue for trademark infringement in federal court and in certain cases receive treble damages, attorney fees, and/or statutory damages.
  • Use of the ® Symbol: Only registered trademarks can be identified by the ® symbol which may be more influential or attractive in marketing than the ™ symbol which is used for unregistered marks

We Can Help With Registration
Trademark Application registration requires the trademark owner to submit registration documents with the government.  Contact us today to find out how we can help with registration of your Trademark Application.

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